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On Amazon UK, HAp⁺ comes in six different flavours. All are packed in handy blistercards and delivered in a "flat pack" version of our box specially designed for fast Amazon delivery.

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  • HAp⁺ is a powerful saliva stimulant
    - it stimulates 20x the unstimulated saliva

  • 3x times as effective as chewing gum 

  • HAp⁺ is an acidic yet non-erosive lozenge, which relieves the symptoms of dry mouth and helps your teeth stay healthy with powerful saliva stimulation.

  • HAp⁺ is recommended by the Icelandic Dental Association, clinically tested and patented worldwide.

  • HAp⁺ is sugar-free

  • Comes in 6 great flavours

  • Low GI (Glycemic Index) 
    - suitable also for diabetics


  • Low caloricGluten free, lactose free, egg free, vegan.

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